2018  Bear Hunts

     All Maine bear hunts are over the counter tags, NO DRAW

          72 year old Larry and his good friend Rick with Larry's 2016 MONSTER 

Experience the tradition

       Maine Trophy Outfitters has over 500 square miles of completely undeveloped, exclusive bear hunting lease. That's over 300,000 acres... No houses, no paved roads, no power lines...just dirt roads, forest and BEARS . We are committed to providing you with the most memorable and rewarding black bear experience possible. Our hunts occur in the Great North Maine Woods, a controlled access, gated property (an area the size of Connecticut !) which contains the highest prime-age bear densities in America... We offer fully guided 6-day bear programs throughout the fall season.

Four weeks of stand hunting starting the week of August 27, 2018


1.) 2018 Black bear stand hunt package:           



2.) 2018 Black bear hunt with hounds package: 


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Allagash has ancient bears...Here is Mr. Sutherland with his WORLD RECORD bear of a lifetime: a 31 year old, verified age boar; the oldest documented male black bear ever harvested by a hunter, anywhere in the world...



Stand hunting:

        Mr. Thompson               with his 505 lb.        2016 bear 

 Experience "The Allagash" at its finest! The 2018 season kicks off August 27. Guided,   6 day trophy black bear hunts  for $2500 and bring a youth hunter under 10 for FREE!!! OR a   10-15 aged youth 1/2 price...   


     The most popular  technique in Maine, hunting from our ground blinds or tree stands over bait offers a perfect opportunity to observe black bears and harvest a beautiful Maine bear. Bring your bow or firearm of choice and sit at the most active sites in the country.


            Mr. Schultz 

        with his 415 lb.        2015 bear

   Bear Trapping

       Trap with Maine's best! With an excellent success rate, Maine Trophy Outfitters is home to the best professional black bear trapper in the country! Dan has snared nearly 1000 bears over the years,  and can share the best tricks of the trade to help you catch your trophy.


       The 2018 bear trapping season begins Sept. 1st. The bear trapping program is a 6-day one-on-one type of hunt for $4000

   Bear Hunting... with          Allagash Hounds                 

     If you're into thrilling and fast-paced hunting, book a 6-day, guided hound hunt (high success rate on larger bears) for $5000.00  


       Our 2018 hound hunting season consists of  6 weeks of hunting, from Sept. 10 -Oct. 27   These hunts are limited entry for quality control purposes. We are confident you will have the experience of a lifetime.

This is the real deal.



Don't hesitate to call us with any questions you may have! But in the meantime, click here to learn more about the local weather where you will be hunting. . Need recommendations on ammo for bear? We have found some info that might help.