Maine Trophy Whitetail hunting is in a league all its own. Nowhere on earth can this hunt be duplicated. The deer of the Allagash region have some of the thickest cover and rugged terrain at their expense, and can use it to elude you, for a lifetime....

 <Deer such as this rarely make the mistake this guy made, (some of them have never seen a human) and it is up to you to capitalize on the moment, when it arises! It is simple, the bucks here live and die of old age. With great antler mass and character, and body weights upwards of 300#, they provide a very challenging hunt. This hunt is not for everyone, but harvesting one of these monarchs will put you, as a hunter, in a league all your own. Allagash has the earliest tracking snow in the Northeast, a crucial component to catching up with one of these northern land monsters. 

  ~All Maine deer hunts are over the counter tags~

1.) Semi-guided archery buck hunt  $2000

WEEK 1.) Oct 2- 7

            2.) Oct. 9- 14

            3.) Oct. 16- 21

            4.) Oct.23- 28 

2.) Semi-guided buck stand hunt rifle $2000

WEEK 1.) Oct 30- Nov. 4

            2.) Nov. 6- 11

            3.) Nov. 13- 18

            4.) Nov. 20- 25

AND muzzleloader week Nov. 27- Dec. 2

3.) Semi-guided buck hunt "The Benoit way" (tracking) $2000  required gear includes: Garmin inReach Explorer GPS, tire chains, wool coat, wool pants

WEEK 1.) Nov. 20- 25 rifle

            2.) Nov. 27- Dec. 2 muzzleloader

            *50% deposit required on all hunts*

4.) Fully guided, 6 day one-on-one Big Woods November buck hunt  $5000

    **Watch this December 2015 video of a wide Allagash buck swimming the mighty St. John river!**