Muskellunge have been known to nearly drive a person crazy. The challenge of understanding their elusive nature combined with the fish’s immense size forms an addiction that keeps anglers coming back again and again. The short of it: "muskie" fishing gets in our blood.

Such an addiction provides the driving force behind the never-ending quest for finding trophy muskies. A big muskie is 40+ inches of pure predator, that only attacks one’s offering every blue moon. But what excitement when it does! The magic of those moments keep us slinging over-sized lures and flies day after day. Muskie anglers will tell you, once you catch one, other fish just seem boring. Muskie are one of the most elusive fish in the world, being described as "the fish of 10,000 casts." Such poor catch rates would make most anglers quit, but DIEHARD muskie anglers are willing to tough it out. They know that the next moment could produce the new Maine state record!

A "trophy" is defined in the eye of each angler and certainly as rare as muskie catches can be, each one should be regarded as a treasure. However, most serious anglers would agree that any fish above 40 inches should be considered a true trophy.

Compared with other fish, muskies live a long time. Muskies can live 20 to 30 years in these big northern waters.  Males of this species rarely exceed 40 inches, so it is safe to say any muskie exceeding 40 inches is most likely a female. (Best to release them)

The Allagash region is a hidden gem in the world of fishing. With over 250 miles of "muskie water" comprised of the St. John, Allagash, St. Francis and Little Black rivers all navigable from camp and the Big Black river by boat and trailer, with waters up to 55 feet deep; all full of monster muskie with an insatiable appetite for our native brook trout, your trip here will be greatly appreciated by the locals!

With the muskie somewhat new to Maine and with the population thriving, a new record is just waiting to be caught by some lucky angler and it may as well be you!!
Allagash Falls is 5 miles upriver from town and creates a barrier over which the muskie have yet to travel. Here is where the world renowned Allagash brook trout fishery begins. With 3 pound fish commonly caught and an occasional 4 or 5 pounder, matching the hatch will be greatly rewarded! Musquacook stream and it's string of lakes produce some of the most beautiful native brook trout anyone could ask for.

Guided fishing trips: $295/day -1 person

                                   $195/day each - 2 people

transportation, boat + motor, PFD provided